How might seaweed, an element of the marine environment that is often perceived negatively, be represented in such a way as to change not only it’s perception, but also the perception of the beauty and potential of the marine environment as a whole?

Making seaweed sexy – That is the goal of this new research project I am currently working on.

One of the biggest challenges in marine conservation advocacy is the lack of general public engagement with the marine environment.

It is a place that is distant and foreign from their normal life – something they might skim over or dip into on summer holiday, but the submarine environment is generally a place that only adventurers or scientists go to – something they normally only see on TV.

One manifestation of this disconnect is seaweed – often seen as “scary” or “yukky” it is a contributing factor that discourages people from activities like snorkelling.

I want to twist this perception by shifting the context and using seaweed to create something they already consider beautiful – floral arrangements.

To do this I am creating large still life photographs shot underwater but in such a way to be ambiguous where they are.

Follow the progress of this project

This project is currently on hold while I work on my Antarctica Project.
I will get back to it … promise.

I will be posting regular updates on progress or you can follow it on my Twitter #projectweed – Yes I know … quite a interesting hash tag. I take no responsibility for what other posts you might find :)

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