Make/use concept teaser video

The Make/Use project is a research project led by Holly McQuillan of Massey University. It explores the concept of zero-waste user modifiable clothing.

Make/Use explores what might occur if we consider not only the aesthetic of the garments we wear, but also the way we use them and the waste we create when we make them. This video was designed to accompany an exhibition of the garments and demonstrates the way the garments are formed (with zero waste)

I worked with the team to lead the production of a video to introduce the Make/Use concept in an intriguing way. It was played at the exhibition/workshop and acted as a teaser online.

Video crew: Jason O’Hara (Creative Director, DOP, Lighting, Post), Monish Patel (Design, Camera & Post), Hannah Dellow (Dancer/Model – Kirsty Bunny Management), Willis York (Hair), Elise MacMillan (Makeup) and Evoke (Music – Bittersweet ft Bijou. Frequent remix)

Thanks to Make/Use Team, Holley McQuillan (Garments), Greta Menzies (Textile), Jen Archer-Martin (Space), Emma Fox Derwin (Object), Jo Bailey (Graphic), Karl Kane (Graphic) and Bonny Stewart MacDonald (Stills Photography)

Thanks to Massey University CoCA

Shot on RED (Thanks to Rocket Rentals)

Below are some great stills of the shoot by Bonny Stewart MacDonald