Where Memories Sleep | ​an immersive cine-dance production that tells the imagined legend of the Aurora in Antarctica. More at

National Erebus Memorial | A collaboration with Studio Pacific Architecture and Warren Maxwell to design the national memorial for the 1979 Erebus Disaster. This project is still in progress. More on the Ministy of Culture and Heritage website:

Invisible Decent | This single-channel video instillation transports the viewer under the sea-ice in Antarctica to join an unseen diver as he descends into an alien world. See it here.

Make/Use exhibition video | The video makes use of the latest high speed video technology (RED) to create a dream-like scenario in which the garments form around a model as she dances. It is part of the permanent collection at Te Papa. Read more

Kermadec – Nine artists explore the South Pacific | an ongoing art project with other leading artists – Dame Robin White, Phil Dadson, Fiona Hall, John Pule, John Reynolds, Elizabeth Thomson, Bruce Foster and project curator/artist Gregory O’Brien. After sailing to the Kermadec region on the HMNZS Otago the group produced a major international touring exhibition Kermadec – Nine artists explore the South Pacific.
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New Zealand Symphony Orchestra’s “Morning Mood” | A video exploration of the NZSO’s performance of Morning Mood. The video deconstructs the creation of the music and the relationship between the audience and orchestra. It was a central component in an interactive promotion jointly produced by Insight Creative and the NZSO. Read more

Weed | How might seaweed, an element of the marine environment that is often perceived negatively, be represented in such a way as to change not only it’s perception, but also the perception of the beauty and potential of the marine environment as a whole? A work in progress

Los Perros Dormidos | Foreigners to Santiago are frequently astounded by the city’s large presence of street dogs. While this often comes as a shock to newcomers, the strays are part of everyday life for locals. The dogs play among demonstrations, sleep among crowds and share park benches with strangers. At night the dogs howls are a haunting part of the city hum. A work in progress