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I created a time machine

As part of the Taranaki Wars exhibition at Puke Ariki in New Plymouth Insight Creative (where I was Design Director) were contracted to produce an interactive to document a recent archeological dig in the Taranaki district. It used computer generated models to show what structures were in place at the site. I designed a revolving touchscreen interactive kiosk which faced a large scale photograph of the location as it appears today. As it turns, the screen displays an ‘augmented view’ of the location showing what the hill looked like in the 1840s. The concept was expressed as a ‘window to the past.’

The screen constantly knows where it is facing. Users can also touch the screen to get more detailed information and once again turn the screen to spin the view around the sites. Through on-screen instructions, users could get more detailed information on different locations.

CGI by Raysan Kubaisi, programming by Insight Creative, kiosk construction by Cannibal.

It won a Bronze at the 2010 Best Awards.

Puke Ariki Waireka