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Full screen Kermadec web-o-net goodness!

Kemadec website


Fresh on the inter-webo-net. The brand new official Kermadec exhibition website in all its full screen image goodness. Plenty to look at, read, video’s, artist bios … you name it. Pretty much the Kermadec Book online + more . Features work by all the Kermadec artists: (Phil Dadson,Bruce FosterFiona HallGregory O’BrienJohn PuleJohn ReynoldsElizabeth ThomsonRobin White) Darn fine!


More on the Kermadec Project

Next stop – Santiago Chile


The sad news is that the Kermadec Exhibition currently showing in Wellington’s City Gallery is in it’s final week and closes on the 8th.

The fantastic news is that it will be carefully packed away and shipped to Santiago Chile where is will open in the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo — Contemporary Art Museum. It will be open there from 15 MARCH until 19 MAY 2013.

The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo is one of the major museums of the city, focusing on modern and contemporary art. It is operated by the University of Chile Art Department.

Deep at Deluxe

The Deep

I have a small exhibition on at Wellington’s Deluxe Cafe (the best coffee in Wellington if you ask me – in the Embassy Theatre building on Kent Terrace)

The work is an extension of the Kermadec Project. On my return to Wellington I was given the opportunity to explore  and photograph the invertebrate collection at NIWA in Evans Bay. All specimens photographed in the show were collected or can be found on the Kermadec Arc, collected from depths between 200 and 1900m.

Some of the works can be seen on a previous posting

Also on display is my hand painted Wakey Wakey Wakey poster.

And of course the main Kermadec exhibition is still currently on at City Gallery in Wellington until February.

Deluxe Cafe

Full Fathom Five

Full fathom five


“Full fathom five” 2012 Photographic three part collage on archival inkjet print on rag. Framed size 1375 x 580mm

For the current City Gallery exhibition I have created a new edition of Full Fathom Five. Much bigger than the previous print of this image this edition comprises three separate large prints floated together in one frame. Both editions are available for sale – details here

Full Fathom Five is a photo of Raoul Island in New Zealand’s remote Kermadec region. It was taken from the HMNZS Otago as we departed for Tonga. Inspired by the Bell family it was taken with a 100 year old camera lens on a modern digital SLR and features a hand inscribed quote from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” – one of the few books the Bell family took with them the Raoul (then Sunday Island) in the late 1800′s.

More about the Kermadec Project

Full fathom fiveat hanging in City Gallery Wellington

Full Fathom Five in City Gallery Wellington 2012

Footnote Dance at Kermadec

The extraordinarily talented Footnote Dance  performed an impromptu piece inspired by the Kermadec Exhibition at City Gallery Wellington. Unfortunately I was I bit caught out so the video is only handheld and a bit rough around edges … not to mention only being a short glimpse! But a glimpse is better than nothing. Many thanks to Footnote.

More about the Kermadec project