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Popping up at Deluxe

I have grabbed an unexpected opportunity to put up work at Deluxe Cafe in Wellington for the next two weeks.

This week I have popped up a few old favourites (see below) but all going well I will put at least one new big work next week. Watch this space.

Crossing Series

“Crossing Series #1” 2011
Limited edition (10) Triptych of Lambda digital master photographic prints
on Kodak Archival Paper
700 x 465mm each
Individual prints: $900 framed, $600 unframed
$2500 framed for the triptych (set of three)



“Offseason Ohakune” 2009
Limited edition (10)  – Giclée print on Rag
483 x 329 mm
$1100 framed, $600 unframed


The find

The Find 2010
Acrylic on reclaimed board 800 x 1100

Kermadec workshops

Dame Robin White Artist

Dame Robin White painting mural as part of school program. Devonport 2013

As part of the Kermadec: Hands to Bathe exhibition we (Robin White, Greg O’Brien, Bruce Foster, Fiona Hall, Elizabeth Thomson and I) helped the Navy Museum to run workshops for local schools. We talked the kids through the show and worked with them as they created their own art and collectively created a mural for the museum. Great fun and a great opportunity for me to photograph the other artists at work (see photo of Robin above).

No place like home

Breaker Bay WellingtonBreaker Bay Wellington 2013

Even though we had a lovely time in Auckland for the opening of the Kermadec “Hands to Bathe” exhibition it is great to be back in Breaker Bay. A stunning, dark, rugged place that we have been lucky enough to call home for over 12 years.

Limited edition prints available. Image size 350 x 232mm. Framed $600. Unframed $300.

Happy Birthday Mr Yule

mike50__2274The charming and effervescent Mr Mike Yule recently celebrated his birthday in the Rangataua Hall near Ohakune. It was an outstanding gig and a real lesson in always carrying a camera.

Wellington band “Uncle Trollable” were superb and combined with the lighting of Alan Baird-Smith (and the ability for me to slip onstage while they played) produced some great photo opportunities. Huge ups to Mike, the band and in particular lead singers that appear here: Rob Lenihan (in hats), Dave Ellis (an outstanding cover of Shadowplay) and Steve Aiken (with headlamp).

Happy Birthday Mr Yule. Chur.

mike50_2345mike50_2221_cropmike50_2521mike50_2366mike50_2276 mike50_2277 mike50_2435mike50_2323

11pm Sunday

11pm Sunday - Triptych

Full of the melancholy that is going to bed on Sunday, knowing the week starts tomorrow, I made my way around the house turning of the lamps … then I noticed the shadows being cast on the wall by a plant. The resulting prints are available as a large triptych (framed as one –  each image 483 x 329 mm) and a series of smaller prints in black round framed (similar to “The deep” series.)

11am Sunday 1

11am Sunday 2

11am Sunday 3



“Spirit” 2013 Breaker Bay, Wellington
Limited edition (1) – Giclée print on Rag 904 x 1355mm

From the recent Ripple exhibition at Cecil Veda Gallery in Wellington

“Spirit” is the first image from a new longterm project that is exploring the effect New Zealand’s geographic isolation has had on our national psyche in both a contemporary and historical context.

To me this image represents a relationship to the sea, quiet determination and independence the many Kiwis hold dear.

It simultaneously can represent our past, present and future. Is this an historical scene of a pioneer making landfall? Could this boy be our next Peter Blake? Or does he represent all parents hopes that kids can still have simple fun, bare back and without an electronic device in sight?

The title “Spirit” is a reference to the Split Enz song “Six months in a leaky boat” which also is about our geographic isolation.

“When I was a young boy, I wanted to sail around the world
That’s the life for me, living on the sea
Spirit of a sailor, circumnavigates the globe
The lust of a pioneer, will acknowledge no frontier”

Many thanks to my son Morgan for standing in the cold fog for so long

See more works from “Ripple”

Spirit hanging in Cecil Veda Gallery




A bit of a preview of a new long term project that takes a look into the lives of young men. In this case photos of my own 15 year old son Ruben – a keen gamer (among other talents of course). Like the Troupe project last year, which took a behind the scenes look at a all girl dance troupe, I plan to explore what makes a diverse group of young men tick – their interests and passions.