Project outputs

The extent of what is produced as a result of this project and what components of it will be part of my MDes will be detailed on the conclusion of the discovery phase of the project. For now my possible projected outputs are:

Probable primary output:
An immersive audio video experience designed for instillation a fixed location (e.g. Te Papa) and/or a portable kiosk or pod that could tour various schools etc.

This could be more focused on the emotive experiences of scientists and staff at Scott Base, based on there experiences. I see this as a more abstract/artistic front end with the interactive ability to drill down for more factual detail on the work at Scott Base.

Possible secondary outputs:
A video suitable for web distribution – possibly more focused on the people
A photographic exhibition/s
A website/app

I will be actively using social media (like this site) to document my process for CoCa students and the interest public.