Inspiration: Shadow puppets


The Tale of the Three Brothers Scene
(Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 1)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: The Tale of Three Brothers from Ben Hibon on Vimeo.

Director / Ben Hibon
Producers / David Heyman / David Barron / J.K. Rowling
Client / Warner Bros / Heyday Films
Animation / Framestore London

Awards /
2012 / British Animation Awards Winner For Best Film Gfx
2010 / Academy Awards Nominee For Best Vfx


Reverse Shadow Theatre

Reverse Shadow Theatre is an installation created with the Animata real-time animation editor.

Wayang Kulit is the indonesian shadow puppet theatre, in which finely carved and painted leather puppets move behind a screen making the audiance see their shadows only. In our installation the situation is reversed. The role of the elaborate puppets is emphasized, while the visitor is a mere shadow trying to control the puppets by her movements.

Kerala’s Shadow Puppets

Stills formed into a video slideshow showing behind the scenes of shadow puppets in India – from Rasha Yousif

Before cinema, before TV and before internet there was the Shadow Puppets. The “Tholpavakoothu” Shadow Puppetry using leather puppets is an ancient ritualistic art form very popular in South India’s state of Kerala.
I made this video from still photos taken with Canon 60D and the video clips were taken with iPhone 4S. Audio was recorded from the show with Sony Audio recorder.