Hira’s Song



Hira’s song is a immersive audio/video that transports the viewer to the magical topsy-turvy world under the sea ice of Antarctica.

There we are entranced by an orchestrated performance inspired by the real life encounters between Weddell Seals, scientists and artists.

Featuring footage and audio from a 2017 expedition to Cape Evans by New Zealand photographer/designer Jason O’Hara, musician Warren Maxwell and scientists from NIWA and Canterbury University, this experience is a except from a planned larger work “Where memories sleep” which uses metaphoric narrative to engage new audiences with Antarctica and Antarctic science.

It has been conceptualised to be reformatted across a number of formats including Fulldome projection, VR and a traditional format version for distribution online.

Still in production at the moment the final film is likely to be approximately 4 minutes longer with a longer version including a behind the scenes look at the making of the project with interviews with scientists and the filmmakers.

A section of the footage shot at Cape Evans, Antarctica which inspired this project 

Antarctica’s pristine and delicate ecosystem represents a unique window to our planets history and is a litmus to changes in our climate. This work gives a unique taste of a unique environment experienced by very few while acting as a gateway to the science that underpins it.


A small sample of stills from footage taken under the sea-ice

Thanks to Antarctica New Zealand and Massey University Collage of Creative Arts.