Antarctica #60shadesofwhite


Antarctica: #60shadesofwhite is a collaborative project between Massey University Collage of Creative Arts lecturers Jason O’Hara and Warren Maxwell.

Exploring and celebrating 60 years of Scott Base, this project aims to connect new audiences with Antarctica and Antarctic science by allowing them to experience the life and work at Scott Base through the eyes of the scientists, explorers and personnel that have been there.

It will manifest itself in a number of sub-projects, be they photographic/video (Jason’s area of expertise), musical (Warren’s gig) or Audio/Visual experiences.


Warren (left) and Jason celebrate landing in Antarctica

The project is a result of the Antarctica New ZealandCommunity Engagement Programme which allowed us to travel to Antarctica sending two weeks at Scott Base in October 2016

We will update the site regularly but for now here is a wee glimpse of some footage we shot while following scientists diving at Cape Evans.