How to buy works

This site has no shopping cart – simply contact me and we can arrange purchase.

Prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and shipping/insurance is extra.
If you are in the Wellington (NZ) region you are welcome to come to the studio to view or collect purchases.

Buying photographic works

Most of the photographs on the site are for sale. Single prints are usually sold as limited editions A3+ size (329mm x 483mm). Framed $800. Unframed $500.

Obviously some works are unusual formats, sizes or multi prints (eg Triptychs). Prices for those will be shown individually on the site.

Ether way just get in touch with me and I will confirm cost and delivery.

Buying non-photographic works

Paintings, sculptural or multimedia works are individually priced on the site. Just contact me.

Payment within New Zealand

If you are a New Zealand resident payment is usually via internet banking or on pickup/delivery if you are in Wellington.

International purchases (outside New Zealand)

Please contact Cecil Veda Gallery or contact me to get the ball rolling.

Email me for more details or to make an enquiry.