I am a Senior Lecturer at the Massey University College of Creative Arts in Wellington NZ. As such I am lucky enough to work with a fantastic group of talented researchers and Students. Below is a list of some of those people’s projects and personal sites.

Massey University College of Creative Arts site

CoCA Digi: A blog of the great resources and digital musings the CoCA staff stumble on.

Make/Use: This ongoing research-through-design project questions conventions of the clothing industry in relation to knowledge-keeping, production practices and material use. Through developing open-source, user-modifiable, zero waste designs, Make/Use aims to empower users of clothing, and challenges them to question the relationships they have with their present and future garments.

Gray Hodgkinson: Gray is a digital media designer and researcher, with specific interests in digital media pedagogy and the various representations of animation, particularly when used for social commentary.

Design & Democracy: The Design & Democracy Project is a strategic research unit established within Massey University’s College of Creative Arts to enhance the role that design and design thinking has to play in dealing with social issues.

Max Schleser Dr. Max Schleser is a filmmaker who explores mobile devices as creative and educational tools.

Brian Lucid is a user experience designer who conceptualizes, designs and implements digitally-implemented products, systems and services.