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A bit of a preview of a new long term project that takes a look into the lives of young men. In this case photos of my own 15 year old son Ruben – a keen gamer (among other talents of course). Like the Troupe project last year, which took a behind the scenes look at a all girl dance troupe, I plan to explore what makes a diverse group of young men tick – their interests and passions.

Take Shelter!

Two shots from a gig featuring punk band Johnny and the Felchers (along with Numbskull and Meth Drinker) from a few weekends ago. Unfortunately I arrived after it started and couldn’t stay long but with any luck I will get to shoot these guys again. The gig was in an old Wellington WW2 fortress – a stonking venue. It fits nicely into a couple of new projects I a working on – watch this space there is more to come.