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Take Shelter!

Two shots from a gig featuring punk band Johnny and the Felchers (along with Numbskull and Meth Drinker) from a few weekends ago. Unfortunately I arrived after it started and couldn’t stay long but with any luck I will get to shoot these guys again. The gig was in an old Wellington WW2 fortress – a stonking venue. It fits nicely into a couple of new projects I a working on – watch this space there is more to come.

“The deep” Photo series

A new series of images from the Kermadec trip. Taken in the specimen vaults of NIWA in Wellington these are photos of deep sea invertebrates from the Kermadec trench. I was fascinated by the distortions created by the jars and bags they are stored in. It reminded me of NIWA submarine video footage (some of which appears in this video by Bruce Foster) and it struck me that it is very rare for us to view these animals without thick glass between us – it highlights we really do live in different worlds.

For sale: These are available framed in 307mm diameter black round frames – they look fantastic as a set. Printed on archival rag. See the Kermadec works for sale page

See them framed here

How to buy them

Thonet poster

Commissioned work for Thonet

The first of a series of commissioned pieces for Wellington furniture company Thonet. Shot in a underground carpark in Wellington it showcases the wonderful Emeco 111 chair which is a collaboration by Coca-Cola and Emeco to create a new chair made from at least 111 recycled plastic bottles. Very cool.

Unique opportunity to buy

Crossing #4

“Crossing #4” Archival inject on rag 2011

I have donated an “artists proof” of Crossing #4 to be auctioned this weekend at the Seatoun School Gala in Wellington. This will be the only opportunity to buy this print which is part of an edition produced for the Kermadec project.

There were 30 numbered prints produced by each Kermadec artist, to be gifted to various lucky supporters, organizations and supporting public galleries or permanent collection. Each artist kept 5 ‘artist proofs’ for their own use.

This image was taken on the deck of the HMNZS Otago and is part of a larger “Crossing series”

So come along to the Gala .. have some fun and support the cause.


Exhibition to go to Tonga and Wellington

Great news! Bronwyn Golder from Pew announced yesterday that the Kermadec exhibition has two more venues lined up.

In May a scaled back show will be heading to Tonga to be hosted by the NZ High Commission. Some of the artists will also travel there for a week of events and workshops.

In October the full show (or yet another evolution of it) will travel to Wellington’s City Gallery. As a Welly boy I couldn’t be more excited that local friends, family and supporters will finally get a chance to see it.

There is also going to be an offshoot show at the National Library in Auckland opening in April. More detail about that closer to the date.

And there are also rumors that we may go to Germany … Crikey!

More about the Kermadec Project

Children can be so resourceful

What do creative children do when they want to video themselves jumping on a trampoline? They tape their ipod to the netting of course. I loved the colour and double image I observed as my kids played.

Maranui cafe


An old image (before the fire) given new life with a bit of hand colouring. For you non-Wellington punters, Maranui is an iconic cafe in Lyall Bay. Bloody good spot with great coffee and the best thick shakes in town.
Limited edition prints of this shot are available framed for $700nzd at a roughly A3 size.
Enlarge image 

Maranui at insightI had this image as an installation at Insights Wellington office late last year. It looked pretty choice enlarged to 3m x 2m.

The fire – New online photos

“Charred 01” 2009

Almost two years to the day since the massive fire that totally destroyed the landmark Tim Nees designed home in Breaker Bay work has begun to rebuild it. It has been a long hard road for the owner and her daughter and it is great to see some action at the site.

To mark this occasion I have released the photos I took of the fire and the days immediately after. A powerful mix of the dramatic power of the fire and the emptiness it leaves.

See the photos