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Seismic: 1&2

Yesterday we hung my latest works in the Kermadec: Discoveries and Connections exhibition which opens in Wellington this weekend.

Seismic 1&2 are large scale photographic prints onto Aluminium Composite Material (ACM). It’s the first time I have used this technique and Imagelab has done a great job of printing them.

As with previous explorations recently, they are inspired by a map I was given by The Pew Charitable Trust showing the migratory routes of whales through the Kermadec region and the geography created by the collision between the Pacific and Australian Plates.


I imaged what mapping millions of years of migrations and geologic activity might look like and experimented extreme close up shots of bubbles moving through water taken with a long shutter speed to create the appearance of intertwined fibres. To create twisting paths and add drama and depth to the compositions I pushed the bubbles with mirrors.


I tested printing onto raw aluminium, which added a nice sheen but at the expense of image detail, so went with a matte white ACM for the final prints.

Nothing beats seeing the detail of a large print in real life so make sure to come to the show in Wellington if you can!

Kermadec: Discoveries and Connections is on 9 – 20 April at the Academy Galleries, Queens Wharf, Wellington. In partnership with Pataka. It features  works by Phil Dadson, Bruce Foster, Fiona Hall, Gregory O’Brien, John Pule, John Reynolds. Elizabeth Thomson, Robin White and I.

I will post photos of the works in situ after the exhibition opens.


Seismic migrations

My explorations into photographing bubbles moving through water continue. This time introducing a mirror and other objects into the composition to disrupt the bubble trails and dramatically increase the graphic composition.

These are an evolution from other works inspired by scientific maps of the Kermadec region showing migration routes, seismic tracings and geographic contours.

These are very high resolution images with beautiful detail when seen large. This week I will be exploring printing these very large onto aluminium sheets.

Seismic #6


Another new Kermadec inspired work has evolved out of my investigations into photographing streams of bubbles moving through various liquids. Originally I was inspired by whale migration tracks but as played with rippling the water I realised I was making seismic waves and the idea built from there. The Kermadec region is the home to over 50 submarine volcanos.

Click on the image above  to enlarge. As you can see from the detail below there is some lovely detail when you look close. Will make a fantastic large print.


Crossings: Migratory traces

Inspired by a map showing the migratory paths of whales and various other marine species passing through the Kermadec region I have been experimenting creating images with long exposures of bubbles in a tank. Still in development but I am looking to print these huge and plan to explore carving the map and key data into the frame of the finished work.


When viewed large this image has a magical glass-fibre look


I intend to print this one as a massive triptych


The map that inspired this exploration