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For some reason I have a fascination with bones and ruins. I guess it ties into my interest in our place within the continuum of life and the traces left by those that have been before us.

Whatever it is, people know I have this interest and keep giving me skeletons etc they find. In this case a colleague at Massey came across this mummified bird in a wall cavity and I leapt at the opportunity to add it to the small collection of bird skeletons I have acquired.

It seems these birds find the potential for a easy nesting location just too seductive and end up getting trapped inside the walls – not a nice thought I know.

The name “Sirenuse” comes from the island off the coast of Italy which, according to Greek mythology, was the home of the Sirens. These dangerous yet beautiful creatures, lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast.

Take Shelter!

Two shots from a gig featuring punk band Johnny and the Felchers (along with Numbskull and Meth Drinker) from a few weekends ago. Unfortunately I arrived after it started and couldn’t stay long but with any luck I will get to shoot these guys again. The gig was in an old Wellington WW2 fortress – a stonking venue. It fits nicely into a couple of new projects I a working on – watch this space there is more to come.

The collector’s box

The collector's box

“The Collector’s Box” 2012. 1165 x 600mm. Inkjet on rag. Hand-made frame.

Another work inspired by interaction with the scientists involved in the Kermadec Project (particularly those at NIWA – also see ‘The Deep’ series). The Collector’s Box houses a series of black and white prints of various objects – remnants of previous life on Raoul Island. Each artifact with a story to tell – rat infestation and then eradication, birds killed by cyclones, the Bell children hiding messages in bottles … all set to a backdrop of the island. It references the meticulous classification that science applies to such objects.

This work is for sale – See “Kermadec works for sale”


Just back from framing – Headstone

Not a new shot but I just got this print back from the framers and it looks great. It is part of a new major series of work for me titled “Remnants” which explores the tangible artifacts that our ancestors have left behind.

This shot was taken in a graveyard on State Highway 1 just north of Otaki, New Zealand.

For sale: Limited edition framed prints (on rag) of this are available. 505mm x 620mm. $600NZD ($400NZD unframed). Contact me if you are interested.