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New Kermadec works

Ocean eats man‘Ocean eats man’. Bruce Foster dives into the deep blue from the helipad of the HMNZS Otago. Tropic of Capricorn. 2011

The Kermadec: Hands to Bathe Exhibition features a good proportion of previously unseen works by all the artists including these ‘documentary’ shots of mine.

John is waiting Mr Key

‘Don’t keep John waiting Mr Key’. John Reynolds on the deck of the HMNZS Otago, Kermadecs, 2011

If by your art‘If by your art you have raised this dreadful storm, have pity on their sad distress’, HMNZS Otago, Kermadecs, 2011

Also new but not on show in Devonport are these diptychs:

a fish called fender

‘A fish called fender’ HMNZS Otago 2011

On a Line‘On a line’, HMNZS Otago 2011


See more Kermadec works on the exhibition website

Navy exhibition


Sea change

Sea change (approaching Raoul), 2011

The Kermadec : Hands to Bathe exhibition is now open at the Torpedo Bay Navy Museum in Devonport, Auckland. It is fantastic to again join forces with the Navy and hopefully go a little way toward paying them back for the ride to Raoul Island. The exhibition kicked off with a great opening night and was followed by the artists working with school groups in workshops over the following few days.

A good third of the works on display have never been shown before including these two prints by me. Sea change (above) and Gunner John (below) were both taken on the HMNZS Otago as we approached Raoul Island. I think the talented Greg O’Brien best sums up the works when he described Sea change like this: “Taken a few nautical miles to the south of Raoul Island in the half-light of the early morning, O’Hara’s photograph of the bow of the HMNZS Otago evokes earlier epochs of marine voyaging as well as recording the moment when, just beyond the picture frame, Raoul Island first came into view. The timelessness of this encounter was enhanced by the artist’s decision to use a modern-day digital camera to which he attached an old-fashioned lens.”

Gunner JohnGunner John, John Reynolds on the HMNZS Otago, 2011

Both available as limited edition prints. Image size 363 x 240mm.
Framed $400. Unframed $200.


Visit the Kermadec Exhibition Website

torpedo bay


Happy Birthday Mr Yule

mike50__2274The charming and effervescent Mr Mike Yule recently celebrated his birthday in the Rangataua Hall near Ohakune. It was an outstanding gig and a real lesson in always carrying a camera.

Wellington band “Uncle Trollable” were superb and combined with the lighting of Alan Baird-Smith (and the ability for me to slip onstage while they played) produced some great photo opportunities. Huge ups to Mike, the band and in particular lead singers that appear here: Rob Lenihan (in hats), Dave Ellis (an outstanding cover of Shadowplay) and Steve Aiken (with headlamp).

Happy Birthday Mr Yule. Chur.

mike50_2345mike50_2221_cropmike50_2521mike50_2366mike50_2276 mike50_2277 mike50_2435mike50_2323

Los Perros Dormidos

Los Perros

We have just returned from the very successful opening of the Kermadec show in Santiago Chile.

Two lasting memories of both Santiago and nearby Valparaíso are the stray dogs and spectacular street art.

Foreigners to Santiago are frequently astounded by the city’s large presence of street dogs. While this often comes as a shock to newcomers, the strays are part of everyday life for locals. The dogs play among demonstrations, sleep among crowds and share park benches with strangers. At night their howls are a haunting part of the city hum.

According to The Santiago Times, There are 215,000 dogs on the streets of Santiago, or approximately one dog for every 30 people in the city.

But it is not all bad – in some parks there are small groups of dog houses for them, and many locals leave out bowls with food & water and in winter some even wear jackets

Veiw as a slidehow

Take Shelter!

Two shots from a gig featuring punk band Johnny and the Felchers (along with Numbskull and Meth Drinker) from a few weekends ago. Unfortunately I arrived after it started and couldn’t stay long but with any luck I will get to shoot these guys again. The gig was in an old Wellington WW2 fortress – a stonking venue. It fits nicely into a couple of new projects I a working on – watch this space there is more to come.

Guy – Updated gallery

View Guy slideshowFor the past eight years the small seaside community of Breaker Bay has been gathering in November each year to celebrate Guy Fawkes .

For many in the community this is an opportunity to get together with families and celebrate living in such a unique community. A bonfire is lit, the guy making competition is judged before lighting the guys and setting off fireworks. One year a troupe of fire dancers also came to entertain the crowd.

Photographically it is a fantastic opportunity to capture some very human moments between community, children and parents. There is something so primal about gathering around a fire and in many of the shots you can see the mixture of fear and joy in the eyes of the children. Long may this remain an ongoing project.

Obviously some of these images have been around for a while but I have updated the slideshow to work on ipads etc

View images in projects section >

Children can be so resourceful

What do creative children do when they want to video themselves jumping on a trampoline? They tape their ipod to the netting of course. I loved the colour and double image I observed as my kids played.

Crossing series #1

Crossing Series #1 Jason O’Hara 201

The exhibition in Tauranga opens next week – and this triptych will be my main piece in the show. Three large Lambda digital master photographic prints it represents the way the railings of the deck formed the windows that were nonexistent on the ship. It is now for sale in the updated “for sale” section of the site. I will be adding more works there over the next few weeks. If you have seen something you like on the site but can’t see it listed for sale just contact me.