Run Dog Run is a vehicle for creative exploration and collaboration.

Comprising a diverse collection of like-minded creative talent, Run Dog Run was formed around Creative Director and Design Researcher, Jason O’Hara. 

Our passion is connecting people with culture, heritage and the environment.

Although we do take on commercial projects, we regularly redirect their profits back into our own creative endeavours and research projects. We hope that this enables us to push creative and connective boundaries to places not usually achievable in the commercial world.


Jason O’Hara: Creative Director and Design Researcher

Jason has 30+ years of experience in human-centred design and visual storytelling. He has won numerous awards and has exhibited internationally. His skill and enthusiasm have taken him around the globe on projects including the remote Kermadec Islands and Antarctica. For the last five years, Jason has been a Senior Lecturer at the Massey University, School of Design.

Collaboration is a fundamental philosophy for Jason. Thirty years experience means that if he doesn’t know how to do something, then he knows someone that does … and does it well.

Collaborators and clients

Warren Maxwell: Musician 

Connor Masseurs: Choreographer, movement artist

Ruben O’Hara: Production Designer, Animator and VFX

Renee McCarthy: Makeup Artist 

Professor Ian Hawes: University of Waikato 

Studio Pacific Architecture 

Antarctica New Zealand

Massey University, College of Creative Arts 

The Make/Use team and Massey CoCA



New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

You may wonder why we don’t differentiate between clients and collaborators? That is because we think of our various projects audiences as being the real client. We believe that when we take on” commercial” projects that we are simply partnering with different entities to help them meet their communication and creative objectives.


We have three fundamental drivers:

  • Human-centred creative excellence.
  • The connection of people to place and time through whakapapa and kaitiakitanga.
  • The importance of supporting young talent to thrive.

What’s with the name?

Our name is a homage to the New Zealand Sheep Dog – the Huntaway.

Smart, loyal, good-natured and hardworking, the Huntaway is a furry representation of our team’s values. Plus it sounds cool.