The isle is full of noises



The isle is full of noises 2016


A new Kermadec work from the original voyage to Raoul Island. This is a diptych of two photos taken on Roaul as we tramped across to Denham Bay. The post cyclone bush was dominated by giant tattered Nikau Palms and the force of the storm is very apparent in the image on the left. Walking through this space, around the edge of the volcano’s crater, the island felt wounded, dark and brooding.

In contrast the right hand image shows a relatively undamaged  spot in Denham Bay itself. However is actually a mass grave site where some Tokelauan slaves were buried. On 15 March 1863 the blackbirding ship, Rosa y Carmen dumped a hundred of it’s slave ‘cargo’ on Roaul after dysentery broke out onboard ship. They were left to die.

The title of the work is a quote from Caliban, the island monster in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”. Roaul truly is full of many voices calling from the past.