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As I mentioned in a previous post the are only two seaweeds that can be found here in Wellington that also can be found at the Kermadecs. Because I hope to show some works from this project in the Kermadec exhibition it was important I included them in the photographs.


Caulerpa geminata

One of the pair, Caulerpa geminata, was easy to find – it is relatively common and I found some literally across the road from my house in Breaker Bay. The catch – although it is the same genus and looks the same as another Kermadec algae, it is strictly speaking a different species- and I am a detail freak! I will use it but really want to find the other Kermadec seaweed – Pterocladiella.

So the search began …

With the help of Dr Nelson at NIWA I was able to narrow down the search area to a spot just outside the Taputeranga Marine Reserve on Wellington’s South Coast but it still took multiple visits and a couple of weeks before I found my elusive wee friend – Pterocladiella.



So I now have a very small amount of Pterocladiella, ID confirmed by the NIWA expert and under lock and key in the storage tank.

New challenge: Both are very small. I will be leaving the big tank and going back to macro scale to capture these. At least I will be able to easily keep them in seawater at this scale.

The other new challenge: The are both pretty boring looking (Pterocladiella in particular).

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