#projectweed: First Kermadec weed shots

Kdec_1-288Some samples from the last couple of days in the shed photographing seaweed. It has been long slow work with regular collections of fresh seawater and new experiments.

On the whole the results are getting there given the scale and unspectacular nature of the two algae I am working with; Caulerpa geminata (the green one) and Pterocladiella (the red one). But although the shots are looking good there is less emphasis on the beauty of the actual seaweed than I would like but I am sure that will be more than made up for as the project goes on.

I am also playing with some colour grading but the final prints may end up being very large scale black and whites.

The shot of both algae in the clear bottle  is a reference to the recently announced Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary  (Read more on Stuff) with the curved green line of Caulerpa geminata representing the line of submarine volcanos which run up next to the Kermadec Trench – within the protection of the bottle.

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