#Projectweed : Ask the experts

nz_seaweeds_coverOn the “Weed” project I am lucky enough to be working with some fantastic scientists and advisors including New Zealand’s pre-eminent expert in seaweeds – Dr Wendy Nelson.

Wendy is Principal Scientist – Marine Biology and Programme Leader – Marine Biological Resources at NIWA. Her book NZ Seaweeds an illustrated guide (ISBN: 978-0-9876688-1-3)has become indispensable in identifying my algae discoveries.

Because I intend the first showing of this project to be part of a Kermadec exhibition in April I am am very keen to make sure I am including seaweed from that region in the project. With Wendy’s help I have been able to track down the only seaweed from the Kermadecs that can be found in Wellington, Pterocladiella, and one other, Caulerpa geminata, which looks the same as another Kermadec algae (the Kermadecs is C. racemose – same genus but different species).

She has also been a great source on tips on keeping algae happy while I transport, store and photograph it. I never would have found Pterocladiella without her help.

Thanks for all your help Wendy.

Some other good seaweed reads:

South Pacific Reef Plants
Diane Scullion Littler & Mark Masterton Littler
ISBN: 0-9678901-9-5

David Thomas
ISBN: 0-565-09175-1

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