New Kermadec works

Ocean eats man‘Ocean eats man’. Bruce Foster dives into the deep blue from the helipad of the HMNZS Otago. Tropic of Capricorn. 2011

The Kermadec: Hands to Bathe Exhibition features a good proportion of previously unseen works by all the artists including these ‘documentary’ shots of mine.

John is waiting Mr Key

‘Don’t keep John waiting Mr Key’. John Reynolds on the deck of the HMNZS Otago, Kermadecs, 2011

If by your art‘If by your art you have raised this dreadful storm, have pity on their sad distress’, HMNZS Otago, Kermadecs, 2011

Also new but not on show in Devonport are these diptychs:

a fish called fender

‘A fish called fender’ HMNZS Otago 2011

On a Line‘On a line’, HMNZS Otago 2011


See more Kermadec works on the exhibition website

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