Los Perros Dormidos

Los Perros

We have just returned from the very successful opening of the Kermadec show in Santiago Chile.

Two lasting memories of both Santiago and nearby Valparaíso are the stray dogs and spectacular street art.

Foreigners to Santiago are frequently astounded by the city’s large presence of street dogs. While this often comes as a shock to newcomers, the strays are part of everyday life for locals. The dogs play among demonstrations, sleep among crowds and share park benches with strangers. At night their howls are a haunting part of the city hum.

According to The Santiago Times, There are 215,000 dogs on the streets of Santiago, or approximately one dog for every 30 people in the city.

But it is not all bad – in some parks there are small groups of dog houses for them, and many locals leave out bowls with food & water and in winter some even wear jackets

Veiw as a slidehow

3 thoughts on “Los Perros Dormidos

  1. Marcela

    These are the only strays that actually look like they are taken care of. I do wish the government in Santiago, Chile would spay/neuter to control the amount of strays, but I am glad people are nice enough to take care of them.

  2. Brendan

    Kermadec keeps on giving. Nice to get the opportunitiy to see how another part of the world lives. Nice shots.


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