Full Fathom Five

Full fathom five


“Full fathom five” 2012 Photographic three part collage on archival inkjet print on rag. Framed size 1375 x 580mm

For the current City Gallery exhibition I have created a new edition of Full Fathom Five. Much bigger than the previous print of this image this edition comprises three separate large prints floated together in one frame. Both editions are available for sale – details here

Full Fathom Five is a photo of Raoul Island in New Zealand’s remote Kermadec region. It was taken from the HMNZS Otago as we departed for Tonga. Inspired by the Bell family it was taken with a 100 year old camera lens on a modern digital SLR and features a hand inscribed quote from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” – one of the few books the Bell family took with them the Raoul (then Sunday Island) in the late 1800′s.

More about the Kermadec Project

Full fathom fiveat hanging in City Gallery Wellington

Full Fathom Five in City Gallery Wellington 2012

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