THE SPECTATORS – 2009 Acrylic on canvas and burnt hardwood 915 x 585

On Sunday the 7th of June this year a house fire in Breaker Bay left a mother and daughter with nothing but the clothes they stood in. It was an incredibly dramatic fire and many of the residents of the close community of Breaker Bay stood in silent witness as the firemen contained the spread of the fire.

It was a powerfully emotional experience for all.

This painting features wood from the remains of the house and depicts the owner, her daughter and community watching the fire while the gallant firemen fight it.


Proceeds from the sale went to the mother and daughter.

Coffee 32 on The Terrace in Wellington (owned by the lovely Marg and Owen)

Below are photos from the day of the fire:

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

2 thoughts on “Fire

    1. jasonohara Post author

      Sad news – It now sounds like the auction is not going to happen this year so I am going to sell the painting to the highest email bidder (proceeds still go to the house owner). If you are interested email me this week.


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